Construction Managment

The Jensen Yorba Lott approach to comprehensive services includes support all through the construction, closeout and warranty periods. Each of these project phases have their own challenges, and can benefit from the timely attention of our experienced construction management services team. The CM services team is led by Dan Fabrello, an Associate and stockholder in our firm, and a key JYL employee for over ten years. Dan epitomizes the JYL approach to construction management services- he is dedicated to a partnering approach to construction and problem solving, but is a strong Owner advocate when necessary. Most of our construction services are provided directly from our office, with site visits as necessary. However, we regularly provide full time site observation for projects in remote locations or as requested to ensure that our clients get the best possible product for their construction budget. Our record of success speaks for itself: There has not been a claim on design documents produced by our firm in over 10 years- that reflects a period of time during which we managed over $100M in construction activity.