BIHA 100 Indian River Road

Sitka, Alaska

The client, Baranof Island Housing Authority, challenged the design team to break away from the "low income housing" image for this project while maintaining a low income budget. Features of the project included steep slope gable roofs, heavy timber trusses, covered decks and quality interior finishes. JYL provided planning, programming, design and construction services for the first phase of this multi-phased project encompassing site development and construction of 38 housing units, a playground and grounds maintenance garage. Phase I included two 4 plex multifamily housing units, a maintenance garage and installation of the utility infrastructure for all future units as well as development of the parking areas, walks and driveways. Construction was completed in 2008 at a cost of $2,800,000. The units were designed to comply with the requirements of the 2003 IBC, ANSI, and the Fair Housing Act. Construction for Phase II, which included two additional 4 plex multifamily housing units, a playground, and related site work and landscaping, was completed in 2011.

* Photos by Jensen Yorba Lott, Inc.